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Sunday, November 18, 2012

You Can't Win Them All

Two years ago, I wrote about Noah's very first, most awesome and very unexpected 
Valley Championship victory.

They were the clear underdogs, with 3 losses already that season to their opponent.

This year, that story was flip-flopped, 
with Noah's team undefeated coming into the championship game.

We can say the referees weren't perfect- they couldn't possibly be, they are human (and I would never ever ever want to referee a CIF championship game of any sort!)

But the truth is, the other team came out strong, played really well, and earned their win.

Sometimes you get to scream with your kids as Daddy coaches his team to a championship, and sometimes you get to teach your kids how to be gracious runners-up.

Even if it is through your tears.

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