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Friday, August 31, 2012

A mama-made birthday present and a third lost tooth

They're called Sleepover Pals, and they are from one of my favorite crafting books, Wee Wonderfuls, by Hilary Lang. 
Three friends with little buns and button eyes

Who share a little sleeping bag hehe

Love how it all rolls up into a bundle!
Perfect for Claire who always wants to have little homes for her little dolls (though that's not to say she always puts them away...)

And here she is without that top right tooth!
It became loose on Sunday night after she ate corn on the cob, and then on Monday, she was hoping to lose it at school (I think you get sent to the nurse and get a cute little container to keep the tooth in.)
She lost her second tooth at school, but she ended up swallowing it haha!
No luck losing this one at school though, and then she was freaking out about possibly losing it at swim, because, well geez, that would be hard to find a tiny tooth in a 15 foot deep Olympic-sized swimming pool!
So she played with it all afternoon, and then I heard from the bathroom,
"EEEEEEE! I got it!!"

I think it looks pretty cute. :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happiness is...

...playing babies with Lulu Belle while the big kids are in school
 ...handing down my favorite and most prized porcelain dolls (I still remember the Christmas I got this one- she came with a little baby in a stroller that has a parasol attached to the top), to a very grateful and eager almost-six-year old
 ...saying things like "You guys don't want to make cookies this morning do you?!" and seeing their reactions- on par with "We're going to the water park today!" and "Nana and Uncle Nathan are coming for lunch today!"
 ...swimming at Oma and Opa's house and watching before my very eyes as they learn to swim. Last week suddenly Alex decided he wanted to jump in, swim to the other side "make a u-turn" (his words) and swim back to the step. And he did! That is sooo like him, to sort of be a late bloomer and then just decide he's ready and do it!

...imagining taking this same picture at Noah's parents house every summer, and how it will change!

...cracking up at Saturday Night Live (via Netflix, we don't actually stay up until 11:30pm lol), after the kids are in bed.

...sitting at the park this morning, in the shade and breeze, and being able to just barely imagine what fall will feel like.

...being able to sit down for at least a little bit while at the park. This one is bittersweet of course, as they used to want/need me to play with them, and now they really go off on their own (together) making up imaginary stories and scenarios as I watch, smiling from my bench. They do, however, still like me to push them on the swings (well, only Lucy), make them fly on the merry-go-round, and make a train on the slide right before we leave (that one's tradition).

...visiting our local art museum and spending what felt like hours browsing and staring at the Clement Renzi collection while Oma played with the kids outside.

...being told by teachers that they adore your children :)

...your children excited to share their day with you, even if it has to wait until after a snack. ;)

...buying new fabric and dreaming of their purposes. :)

I could go on and on!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

in all his glory

Please forgive me, but this kid is just too dang cute. :)

We were about ready to go (he reminded me about taking pictures by the front door even though I  would have died before I forgot that rite of passage), and he noticed a ziploc bag of an extra set of clothes in his backpack.

He looked at it quizzically then told me with all the sweetness in the world,
"That was very thoughtful of you, Mama, but I probably won't need this."

Hehe, I'm laughing now as I think about it!
His new car shirt that he was SO excited to wear! And no, he doesn't have to go potty,
he just like holding his shorts that way hehe

Cars backpack from Nana and Grampa

New robot lunchbox with a card for his teacher that he decorated (and asked me to write the words)

He wanted to make sure you saw the robots 
I think he's pretty excited :)

It just doesn't get more giddy than that!

This was right when they started singing the good morning song- it was his favorite part. :)

I stayed for about 30 minutes, and then I noticed I was the second to last parent left (the last one's little girl was bawling, it was so sad).

So I sneaked over and told him I was going to go.

Instead of the tentative little wave and super tight hug I remember getting from Claire, he looked up at me, clasped his hands together and, through the biggest grin ever, said "Mama, I'm so excited!"

Well, shoot, I about melted. :)

He was exactly the same when I picked him up, and the first thing he said to me was "Can I come back tomorrow?"

Yep, Little Buddy, you sure can. :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Almost a school boy

Our little boy is almost officially a preschooler!

This has been a very different experience than when Claire first went to preschool.

The summer before she went, it was like a dark cloud that I tried to ignore.
It felt like this big huge transition for which I was absolutely not ready, the beginning of the leaving (ridiculous, I know).
She had been with me almost every second of every day, and suddenly she's supposed to be away for three hours, five days a week?
I was not looking forward to it. 

Luckily, she had the best time and, as we had figured and hoped, really loved/loves school.

With Alexander, it has been a tiny bit of dread (how can the teeny baby who was so sick with pneumonia he couldn't even cry or open his eyes be going to school??) but mostly this great feeling of joy and excitement for him.

Being the second one, he remembers when Claire went to preschool, he remembers picking her up and playing with the toys, he remembers all of the super fun stuff she told us about.

And now it's his turn, and he could NOT be more excited!

"There are trains! And giant tool sets! And a library! And a kitchen! And dress-up clothes!"

When I put him to bed tonight, I said "I hope you have sweet dreams of preschool," and he said
 "I'm dreaming of Mrs. Bosch RIGHT NOW!"

How can you not just completely fall in love with the enthusiasm?

I hope it is everything he hopes it will be. :)

First Grade!

They helped Daddy get his syllabi stapled for his first day today- well, only the first 10, I did the last 150. :)

She was very excited but also a bit tentative, as you can see from her little grin

She wanted to show you her Strawberry Shortcake backpack. :)

1st grade! Her teacher is so sweet and Claire really took to her, giving her a big hug each time she has seen her.
 I think they will be a good fit.

I told her to try to remember all of her favorite moments because I want to hear all about it when she gets home, but I have a feeling she will be tired after her first full day of school.

Can't wait to see her and hear about it! :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A day in nature

It's actually quite pitiful how infrequently we get to the mountains considering how close we are (about an hour's drive).

I mean really, an hour's drive from the tallest living things on earth?
We should be old friends by now (this is only our second trip). :)

Both Noah and I are homebodies, perfectly happy and content to spend a weekend hanging out at home.

But when we finally get it together to get out, we love it!

This time, we went with some family friends we met when Claire and their oldest were in preschool together.

A cabin from the 1800s- love seeing this

this boy cracks my up with his walking stick that he has to lean over almost halfway for it to even reach the ground, hehe

oldest to youngest

"math is hard" from the math teacher, hehe (the back says "we are up for the challenge")

"I love you world!"

He always has to climb giant boulders

And now he wants to show the kids! Between me yelling "Oh, not that one! Too big! Stop!" and Noah thinking no boulder too big, we find a happy, safe medium

She loves the mountains- the first on the trail, leader of the pack, unafraid of anything

Even Alex made it up!

Sigh. Too much cuteness. :)

I still don't think I'm brave enough to do serious camping (i.e. not at a campground- Noah tells of how he went with his family for two week trips where they would backpack their stuff in many many miles, and I'm just too chicken to camp that way, hehe), but I love day hikes!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sewing for fall (and wishing for it to come)

Let's end this blog drought with one of things I sewed 
whilst watching the Olympics night in and night out!

I have to say, it might be my favorite thing I've ever made.

The fabric, the style, the color, the little girl (but of course!) all perfection.

I can't claim it as my own though, since I've been wanting to sew this since Oliver and S released their 2011 fall patterns, my fave of which was this dress made up in this fabric (see it here). 

I love the end result no less than if I had come up with it on my own, hehe. :)

I wish I had better skills and had known these pictures would have come out overexposed, oh well :)

Oh my, I love her. :)