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I'm a hand-holding, swing-pushing, story-telling Mama with a creative streak and a nurturing spirit. I like growing food and flowers (and people, hehe), sewing clothes and quilts, cooking and eating and running, a long, tight hug and the color yellow. I love date nights at home, spontaneous trips to the bookstore and hearing my babies laugh. I am indecisive, exaggerrative and I overuse parentheses. I am reflective and sentimental and quick to laugh. I think I still picture myself as a 22-year old, yet every year my life gets more fulfilling. I am still figuring out exactly who I am. :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

three is our magic number

The kids and I have a favorite song, Three, It's a Magic Number, by Elizabeth Mitchell.
Here is an ok cover if you're curious. :)

It's folksy and easy to sing and sweet, so I love it.

It's also symbolic, because for us, three is our magic number.

It is the right decision for us for several reasons, but I would be lying if I told you I wasn't a tiny bit sad.

It isn't that I am unfulfilled with the three little loves in my life, or that I will always be pining for another one (though I wouldn't have to give it a second thought if the opportunity arose!)

It's just that I can't imagine never feeling a little one move inside me, or holding another newborn. 

I don't think the baby fever will ever go away.

But luckily, we've got siblings and friends who will soon be having babies and so my life will never really be baby-less.

I really love where our family is at right now, still quite young but growing, growing and able to do and explore new things.

So that's that. 

The Minton five. :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

birthday dress

Someone is turning two in a couple of weeks, and while she has no need for a new dress, I couldn't help myself!

This was the perfect little project to get back into sewing after a small hiatus from the holidays. :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the most wonderful time of the year

We are soaking up the greatest perk of Noah being a teacher- winter break!
I'm not gonna lie- it's awesome. :)

We sleep in, we stay up late, we stay in our jammies, we go to the park, we chat, we laugh, we play mario kart, we tell jokes at dinner, we are having so much fun! :)

Alex and Aunt Mira's little dog (and Claire in the background wiggling her first loose tooth!)

My sweet mom and Claire

In the morning last week before school

Oh yeah, and I've been sewing a ton!
I never blogged the coats I made- here is Claire's.
Lined in super soft flannel and the outside is wool- so cozy.

my mom and her grandkids :)

The buttons are from Noah's grandmother's collection- they are over 50 years old sparkly pearls. :)

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday. :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Happy December!

I am having fun filling our home with the season, from the music to the movies (my brother Brendan, Noah and I watched this hilarious favorite last night), to the card-assembling station on the table to the presents I have stashed in my closet.

I am definitely a procrastinator, always have been, but I like to think that I really immerse myself in the season, enjoying every little thing and not simply doing them to check them off of my to-do list. I'm glad I still have several more gifts to buy (and make!)!! :)

I'm sure glad it is Christmas time, because the joy and happy busy-ness of that is helping in a small way to keep my mind of the crazy wind we are experiencing. Last night it howled (exacerbated by our neighbor's empty above-ground pool which catches the breeze and lets you know about it with an awful wailing) and gusted and kept me awake from 3am on. I was a bundle of nerves, with our bed right by the window and trees right outside. It was ok though, because I used the time to catch up on some shows online, ones to make me laugh, like Modern Family and Daily Show. :)

The wind has not let up today, though it is about 23 times less frightening in the daylight! Plus, the sun is out and the sky is clear, so hooray for that. :)

I was sad (and scared) to notice a fallen tree very close to us- a huge old ash tree (I think), looking ominous as it rested horizontal on the pathway, it's roots sticking up at all angles. Crossing my fingers our trees have strong root systems! :)

On the bright side, I foresee an afternoon of Christmas crafts, happy mail in my mailbox and a husband home before it gets dark. :)