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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sew into Spring: A jumper for Claire

I was a bit nervous about this one, as I cut a size 4 for my 4.5 year old. But I have sewn this pattern up for Lulu and so I know it runs a bit big.

I am so so so pleased with how this turned out. :)

French seams, crisp pleats, simple and pretty buttons.

The best part is that she was so excited when she saw it hanging on her door this morning.

Hard to believe she used to refuse (adamantly) the things I sewed for her!

I'm on a roll!!
this was her pose when I asked her to turn around so I could see the buttons, hehe.

she had to wear that tutu underneath to make it more twirly, hehe. :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

sew into spring: one for the boy

 This one was so fun and easy to make, and I am very proud of its construction, if I do say so myself.

The collar went in perfectly, and I hand-stitched it down.

I also hand-basted in quite a few spots to get it perfect, no puckers.

If only I had thought more carefully when I cut out the fabric!!

Eesh, the bicycles were supposed to be on the bottom- they look ridiculous on top!

Oh well, my boy likes it and has worn it for the past three days.

I call that a success!
He's trying to hold her hand, but she was just not into slowing down, hehe!

 Up next: a pale yellow jumper for my big girl. :)

Monday, March 21, 2011


She is okay, she is okay, she is okay.

I have to keep repeating this to myself whenever my mind wanders back to last Friday and the primal fear that wracked my body for a good portion of the day.

You see, our big girl had a seizure on Friday.

Our neighbor accompanied Alex, Lucy and I on our walk to pick up Claire from school.

On the final stretch of the walk, I saw all the other parents waiting to pick up their kids, and then, out of nowhere, one of Claire's teachers comes sprinting down the street, arms waving, voice hoarsely yelling "Claire's having a seizure!"

In that moment, adrenaline reigned, and as I left my two littles in the stroller to run to my big girl, I honestly felt that I was running for her life.

For my life.


I burst into the room with what I assume were 22 very frightened children, but I only had eyes for the one lying on the ground.

I screamed what must have been a guttural, primal scream, as I thought in that moment, that she had died.

In an instant I was there holding her, squeezing her, loving her, as she began to come to.

Firefighters, paramedics, a stretcher.

I need to call my father-in-law. He's a doctor. He'll know what to do.

I'll meet you at the ER.

My neighbor serendipitously there to take my babies safely home.

Riding in an ambulance, trying to calm down, squeezing her hand so tight.

What does this mean? Why did it happen?

In the ER, watching her (very painfully) tested for all sorts of things, waiting for answers.

So happy when her spunkiness started to reappear.

Purple popsicle, nicest nurse ever (Patrick), My Little Pony stickers.

And a few funny moments.

Like when the receptionist looked me in the eye and very slowly and pointedly asked if I spoke English.

In the end, we were told it was probably a febrile seizure, caused by a sudden spike in her temperature, and not uncommon in those aged 6 months to six years.

We were told to keep a close eye on her in the next two days, to keep her medicated to keep her fever down, and to bring her right back if she had another seizure.

We were told she is slightly more prone to them now, but that if she has two in one day, or any after the age of six, that that indicates a deeper problem.

So now we watch (trying not to be too obsessive) and wait, for something that might never happen again.

And as I type this, and she sings in her made-up language, sharing her oranges with Lucy and asking for me to be done so we can go make our pumpkin pie, I sigh with both gratitude and fear.

At what was.

And what could have been.

And what may still be.

Thank goodness she is safe.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

sew into spring: week 7

Sewing for the kidlets' spring and summer wardrobe has taken a backseat.

I really wanted to sew something for Laura's birthday, so when she found a few patterns she liked, I went to work!

First I made a muslin (a.k.a. a first try of a pattern, usually sewn in an inexpensive fabric like muslin, in order to check the fit and make any necessary modifications before cutting into the final fabric), which I made in a yellow check ($1.97 a yard!) with the thought that I could keep it for myself if it turned out halfway decent.

Well, it turned out like a potato sack.
Big and shapeless.
So I added my favorite black shrug for some waist definition...
...much better.

Yeah, I'm so not comfortable in front of a camera...
 Until you get my big girl in there, then I'm like "Babe! Take our picture!!!"
Sigh. She's the sweetest. :)

I'm definitely framing this one.
Noah got some better pictures of my dress...
 ...again with the weird faces that unsuccessfully mask my low comfort level. :)

I was happy to discover that the tie can fit all the way to the front, which is handy for when one wants to wear a sweater (it looks very odd to wear a sweater over a bulky back bow).
Plus, I think it looks cute, so I wear it like that even if I am not going to wear a sweater.
 There's my Lulubelle, trying to chew through a nestle crunch bar.
And because this post has entirely too much estrogen, here is my best boy, just repeatedly opening his singing card whilst sitting in a hat box and wearing his favorite "ballerina". A typical morning. :)
p.s. Don't worry Laura, yours won't be yellow and white check. :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

This walking baby of mine

I had to take pictures of Lulu in the same dress Claire wore at 1.

So glad the weather is warming up, which of course means the chunky legs and arms come out for nibbling, hehe.

Maybe my favorite and destined to be enlarged and added to the "Newly Walking Minton Babies" gallery

Friday, March 4, 2011

scooting to the park

He got too tired so we put his scooter on top of the stroller, but he still had to hold the handlebars to steer, hehe. :)

Helping Mama garden. She actually was able to get both gloves on her hands, but they didn't last long. Then she tested me by following the big kids down the driveway, and then veering off right into the street. Luckily we live on a super quiet, calm cul-de-sac, but still. Half of our afternoon was spent weeding and composting and the other half was spent rescuing/depriving her of her adventures. :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

sew into spring: weeks 5 and 6

Week five was originally (on my very official scrap paper outline for Sew Into Spring 2011 ) dedicated to a dress for Miss Lulubelle.
But after a brief inspection at her spring/summer wardrobe, I found, for better or worse, that she has about 20 sundresses alone.
I still could make her a new one, but it wouldn't get worn but maybe twice or thrice, and that just seems silly.
So I switched things around and made myself a dress!!
Note: Pardon the awful self-timer shots that, while amusing to take, are way off on color, etc. :)

I used this fabric:
and this pattern:
Ta da!
It has pockets! Genius! I have a small stash already of tissues for little noses with colds. Plus, it's a place to put your hands when you don't know what to do with them. :)

Uh-oh, Mama needs a new non-sports bra bra!!

I'm wearing this black shrug with it right now, and I love the way it looks. Plus, it covers up the fact that I need a non-sports bra bra!

There's my helper girl, who ate a piece of blue chalk while I ran back forth with the timer. :)

Claire approves of the twirlyness factor (and asked for a matching dress to boot!)
New things I learned from sewing this dress:
1. French seams. Very easy, very professional-looking, no raw edges. Used this technique on the skirt seams.
2. Bias-binding to enclose raw seams. I used this on the waist seam.
3. Hand-stitched facings on the neckline and armholes. I love hand-sewing.

All in all, I love it.
It's cute, it's super comfy, it has a sash, it makes me feel pretty and somewhat put-together (and goodness knows, I'm not usually that!)

The only thing is...do I look frumpy in it? I think I need help with accessories/hair/shoes so I don't look like homely. Sarah??? Do you hear me??? :)

Happy birthday Laura!