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Friday, January 28, 2011

unique: a reflection

Sometimes it is startling to me to see how different the three of our littles can be.

For instance, how each deals with minor obstacles.
Claire always has, and still does, react with frustration, which I am ashamed to admit she got from me.
When she was a chunky and hungry newborn, upset with the time and effort it took to get my milk flowing, she would get red in the face, punch her fists in the air and give up. 
And now, she can get upset by something as unimportant as the fact that I reminded her to rinse out her toothbrush when "I already knew I was supposed to!"
And Alexander is quietly strong and determined, just like Noah.  
When his progress is hindered by something, he doesn't freak out.
He simply figures out how to deal with it and then does it.
Poof- problem solved.
And now we are getting glimpses of Lucy's coping strategies.
She, in typical third-child form, goes with the flow.
Like last night.
She was trying to remove foam heart stickers from the princess mask Claire decorated last week for our Fun Friday art activity (today we are going to paint!), but some were just not budging. 
She did not fret about it (like Claire might have) or figure it out (like Alex might have), no, she simply moved on to find another, more vulnerable foam heart.

So while they all might be fascinated by bubbles, or repulsed by chicken tortilla soup (why?? it is sooo good!!), they each have their own personalities that make them them.

And I love noticing that. :)

teddy bear picnic

Well hello there!!

A couple of weeks ago, Claire's class had a teady bear picnic.
The kids wore their jammies and brought their favorite stuffed animal, and Mother Goose came to tell stories, etc.

These are some of my favorite pictures of her, because she is so happy and just...her.

 Dancing and singing and posing on the walk home

 Giving piggyback rides
That's my girl. :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I have been avoiding posting here due to Blogger inexplicably rejecting my photo uploads. :(

Need to get Noah on that, ASAP. :)

We've all been sick, the kids, sadly, most of all. Alex has pneumonia, Lucy has an ear infection and Claire has the most horrible heaving cough I've ever heard come from her body.

That's the thing about being the Mama.

You see your kids hurting and sick and you want to take those nasty germs and put them in your own body so you can feel the pain instead.

Except it doesn't work that way.

And then you get sick too (not instead of the kids, but in addition to), and you all spend the day making chicken noodle soup (delicous and healing) and watching "The Sound of Music" songs over and over and over.

And it's a strange sickness, where they can be coughing up their left lung but still want to go to the park and school and "The Whole Foods" (as known by Claire) for their favorite blueberry granola bars.

And then you get the kids tucked into bed and they can't fall asleep for the coughs wracking their little bodies.

I'll be really glad when this bug passes through. :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Playing hooky

Not really, but sort of. :)

Thursdays he has his long preparation period, and sometimes he comes home, seeing as how we live one block away.

So today he came with us to pick up Claire, and she thought it was the greatest thing.

I did too. :)

And then we stopped at the park and had lunch, of course.
Thank you Mr. Sun, for coming out to play! :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


What?! Just because she's ONE she thinks she can just stand up on the merry-go-round?

Hehe. :)

Monday, January 10, 2011


 This time last year we were snuggling with the littlest in a (not) cozy hospital room, looking at each other in laughing disbelief asking "what just happened?!"

Lulu, it only took you 35 minutes to get from my womb to my arms, and you've hardly left since.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm baaack!!!

Since I last checked in:

My big boy got a bike...
 ...and beat me at Jenga (what can I say; he's really good!)
 Lulu got her third tooth (with THREE more, poor thing, about to poke through)
 My big girl got just what she asked Santa for (even though she found it in the closet a few days before Christmas)
 We made happy holiday memories
 I made those two pink dresses :)
 The front window was decorated with stickers
 The big kids made ornaments.
They made some last year also, and while they seemed so simple and even silly at the time, I actually cried when I discovered them this year.
They represent such a moment in time.
I'm glad I made the time to do it with them this year too. :)
 He had an article in the paper written about him and his awesome coaching!
 She wrapped many many many presents, slowly, methodically and happily
 She got to planning her first quilt.
Some of these squares were later removed on account of their not being pink enough. :)
 Lulu met a friend (the baby of some college friends of ours)
 The sun finally came out long enough for a trip to the park, and with Daddy, BONUS!

 We introduced the kids to their first s'mores.
Funny faces remain. :)
A very tentative little girl went back to preschool.
And had a grand time (even though she had a little time-out today for running around the classroom)

The routine of stopping at the park on the way home from picking up Claire returned.

 I sewed 120 pairs for a new quilt

 I, along with 9 online sewing friends, finished this quilt for charity.

Our back porch was flooded right up to the house.
We got down to three squares of toilet paper before our supply was replenished.
I (finally!) made a good roast.
Noah and I celebrated our sixth anniversary.

It was a good winter break. :)