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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

she loves it

After her first day of school sickies (and two days at home to get rid of said sickies) we brought her back.

She was quiet and tentative on the walk there and quite reluctant to go in when we got to school.

I didn't know what I was going to do.

I talked about how much fun she was going to have, how many new friends she would make, how much cool new stuff she would learn.

She wasn't budging.

I told her I would be back really soon to pick her up and she would probably be having so much fun she wouldn't want to come home.

She wasn't buying it.

And then I see her. A little girl, clad head to toe in pink, just like my girl, and I seized the opportunity fate handed me.

"Oh, look at her, she likes pink too!"

She looks up.

And you know what the other little girl did?

Bless her heart, she comes over to Angel Girl, grabs her hand and says "Come on, let's go find our cubbies together!"

And she was off.

Before I left she reminded me about the kissing hand (I kiss her hand and if she gets lonely she can feel my kiss there- she loves it).

That choked me up a bit.

I caught her eye as I left and blew her a kiss.

She blew one back to me, and we both caught them.

One more peek back and she is standing up, next to her new friend, learning the words and moves to a brand new song.

That made me smile.

And now.

Now there is no hesitation on the way to school. Only hops, skips and jumps and talk of what new things she will do.

Now there is a new friend that gets talked about lots.

Now my Angel Girl is in school.

And she loves it.

And that makes me proud. :)

photo of the day 8.31.2010

photo of the day 8.30.2010

photo of the day 8.29.2010

photo of the day 8.28.2010

photo of the day 8.27.2010

photo of the day 8.26.2010

photo of the day 8.25.2010

photo of the day 8.24.2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm not ready for this

I'm not ready for Angel Girl to go to preschool.

I'm not ready to be separated from her, with whom I have spent nearly every moment of everyday for the past almost four years, plus the months she was actually part of me.
Three hours a day.
Five mornings a week.

No more groggy yet smiley morning greetings from the latest riser while Little Buddy and Littlest Angel and I build block towers (I'm going to have to wake her up each morning now).

No more begging me to watch Dinosaur Train while I take my shower.

No more weekday trips to the library or the grocery store or the plant nursery with three in tow.

No more lazy mornings when we stay in our jammies and read until lunch.

I'm not ready for this, but then again, this isn't about me.

And she is positively thrilled.

She found her own blue cubby.
She shook her teachers' hands.
She played with the dollhouse, read the books and used the bathroom.
She watched the other kids, she talked to the other kids, she giggled with the other kids.
She asked me to save her name tag in her scrapbook.
She asked if we could go back tomorrow.

"Monday," I told her, "tonight was back-to-school night."

"Oh," she said, eyes a bit downcast.

"I can't wait!!!"

Happy again.

I'm not ready for this, this HUGE step in our first baby's life, but I probably never will be.

So we will do it.

And it will probably be wonderful.

And I will probably chuckle to myself when I remember how emotional I was when it began.

I'm not ready to do this.
But of course we will anyway. :)

and for Little Buddy...

...a new shirt!! (I sewed those shorts too...)

Things I'm not happy with:

- the collar. Need to get better at sewing these.
- the buttons/buttonholes. Getting better, but still room for improvement.

Things I'm happy with:

- the fabric- so cute!! Plus it is organic cotton, so bonus!!
- the pattern. Such clear and simple directions... love me some Oliver + S patterns!
- the bottom hem. Love the cut and narrowness.
- the sleeves. Just right- roomy and they come to Little Buddy's elbow which is so cute.

Things I'm thrilled with:

- Little Buddy's reaction. "Oh dank you dank you Mama!"
- Angel Girl's reaction. "That's beautiful!" (now if only she would say that about the things I make for her...)

Oh, and he has cried every time I have taken it off and worn it two days in a row.

Success, I think. :)

More to come, Little Buddy, more to come!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Pink Shirt (will it get worn??)

She was not next on the list, but she brought me some fabric and asked me if I could make her a shirt.

I couldn't say no.

The last one I made for her did not turn out well.

The shirt was so cute (I thought)...I even added pockets which I thought she would like for holding things (she's always got something in her hands).

But she didn't like it. Not stretchy enough.

So I said, ok, I'm going to find some pink stretchy fabric and make her something she is going to love. (After I make a few other things first...)

And she found that fabric and loved it. Apparently.

I was so excited, finding a pattern for cotton knits, buying pink thread and special ball-point needles, ready to learn how to sew stretchy fabrics.

The shirt came together really fast (only five pattern pieces), and I couldn't wait for her to wake up so I could show her.

And then...nope, she doesn't like this one either. :(

I'm not really sure why because she can't tell me. We did agree it is a great preschool shirt, so it is hanging in the closet with her other school clothes.

I hope she actually will wear it. It looks so adorable on her and, believe me, it is so stretchy and comfortable I wish it was in my size. I would totally wear it!

The problem is I love making things for her, but I also want her to like them, or at least wear them, hehe.

So here is my strategy: I think if I force things on her it will backfire. So I'm going to be nonchalant yet suggestive "Oh Claire, this shirt would be perfect for today! You could tell your teacher all about it and how much you like pink!" If she doesn't want to, fine, she'll come around. In the meantime, I'll keep making things for Alex and Lucy and maybe she'll ask me for something again.

In fact, she did bring me a really soft pink flannel yesterday and asked me to make it into a shirt. I told her I would love to, but I needed her to show me that she would wear it by wearing the other one I made for her. "Then we can make it together!" I gushed, and while she was excited about that, she still hasn't worn this one (except for the photos, after which it was promptly removed).

So we'll see. :)

In the meantime, I'm really proud of my first knit (by knit I mean the cotton is knitted together and is stretchy, like jersey, and not woven together, like linen) sewing project!! Bonus: cotton knit doesn't unravel so seam-finishing is less important and more for aesthetic. :)