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I'm a hand-holding, swing-pushing, story-telling Mama with a creative streak and a nurturing spirit. I like growing food and flowers (and people, hehe), sewing clothes and quilts, cooking and eating and running, a long, tight hug and the color yellow. I love date nights at home, spontaneous trips to the bookstore and hearing my babies laugh. I am indecisive, exaggerrative and I overuse parentheses. I am reflective and sentimental and quick to laugh. I think I still picture myself as a 22-year old, yet every year my life gets more fulfilling. I am still figuring out exactly who I am. :)

Friday, May 21, 2010


- is FOUR months old (well, she was, oh, 11 days ago...a little late, Mama!)
- is 15 pounds, 10 ounces (90th percentile)
- still happily in my arms (or the carrier or right next to me on the bed) 98% of the day and night
- is rolling from side to side, and though she rolled completely over once about a month ago, has yet to give me a repeat show. :)
- thinks it is the height of hilarity when Claire dances and sings right in her face...unless Claire (clumsy like her mama) accidentally gets TOO close and bonks the little one
- smiles at Alex but is still a little wary of all his testosterone-y energy, a.k.a. she has been kissed/hugged/squeezed a bit too hard (yet lovingly) by him, hehe. Got to watch that boy! He is either so very gentle or so very impulsive, usually with negative results. :)
- probably thinks the sun rises and sets on her daddy. Just like her brother and sister before her, she'd ideally love to be in my arms but looking at him. :)
- has the same rubberband thighs as Claire at this age (Alex's came a bit later, but oh, did they come to him too!)
- still hates the car
- gets fussy around 7:30 and will stay that way until her and I get into bed about 9:00 (sound early? Have I told you about how Alex and Claire now wake up every single day between 5 and 6 in the morning? If I didn't go to bed early I wouldn't be very chipper in the morning, hehe. By the way...the trade-off to them waking up so early is that they take REALLY good naps- like 3-4 hours good!)
- still scratches at her scalp where the cradle cap used to be, which is why I always have her head in a hat and her hands in socks (like mittens).
- sucks her right thumb
- sucks the fabric on the bjorn when facing front (good things it is washable!)
- sucks on her fists
- might be teething, after reading the last 3
- has gotten the long Minton eyelashes
- still has blue eyes
- wears cloth diapers during the day and a disposable at night (I'm not into changing diapers in the middle of the night, and if I kept her in cloth all night she'd get a rash, so disposable it is!)
- loves to stand (with support of course!)
- loves to do Airplane with Oma
- only gets fussy if her needs are not met, but since her needs consist of being held (check), having a full tummy (check) and, lately, wanting a clean diaper (check) she's usually pretty content.
- wakes up 1-3 times in the night, and sometimes needs some rocking back to sleep
- is my constant companion :)
- is growing up too fast.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

what do you do when you think Mama is paying too much attention to the baby and not enough to you??

Why, you put your potty seat on your head, that's what you do! :)

My silly kids. They always crack me up. :)

the look-alikes

Hehe, doesn't Lucy look exactly like a mini-Claire in this photo?

I think so. :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

my chickee-choos and I. :)

Had to get a photo of the little ones and I, and boy did I pick the right time!

The big ones were in such happy moods and the little one was awake and mellow and I was just happy the five of us were at home together and the dishes were done. :)

Sorry there are so many- I can't pick my favorite!!

Getting back into the groove

It has been many many months since I scrapped, or had the desire to do so. But lately I've been feeling it. Like I have so many stories to tell, moments to remember and things to say to my children that just can't wait.

The littlest one's album has a couple new pages now. :)

This one is about how our hospital stay was mostly just the two of us and how it was perfect. Just sleeping, eating, smiling, soaking each other in. It was nice. Not like Claire's hospital stay, during which we were sort of clueless and couldn't wait to get home or Alexander's hospital stay which, for me, was nearly non-existent and for him was 13 days too long. :)
And this one is about her first day. Lots of hospital pictures (the same one as the last, I know) and memories. Sort of the same as the last one but more factual and less emotional. :)
So there you have it. More to come!!