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Monday, October 26, 2009

since Sarah and Laura were so sick of the rosebuds, hehe...

...now they have tons (I mean TONS) of pictures to look at. :)

My girl and her raincoat that she grabbed as soon as it started sprinkling
Is it bad that Claire says "That's where we get chocolate shakes!" when we drive by in-n-out?

His hat didn't last long. :)Right before the big Clovis-Buchanan game. This game had just about as awesome an ending as is possible- tied 4-4, Buchanan had the ball with twenty seconds left, they shot and missed, Clovis got the ball with 11 seconds left, Noah called time-out, I was so sure it was going to go into overtime I didn't even grab my camera when I could have, back to the game, I kid you not, with ONE SECOND on the clock Shannon shot and made an amazing goal. It was like out of a movie. You couldn't even hear the buzzer because people were screaming so loud. It was so cool! :) By the way, the coach of the Buchanan girls? Noah's high school coach. :)
At the park with Ella.

Have to take a picture of the matching butterfly skirts!

At the next game, Clovis-Clovis East. Claire likes to hang with these cool kids, Emily and Josh (siblings of players), and they like to play with her too. :)

Taken right at the buzzer of another win. This time they won 12-8, though they were down by two at half. By the way, this win gives them a second seed in the valley finals. Both previous times their seed has been 4!
Alex trying VERY hard to pour water from one cup to another. :)
At Brendan's football game last Friday.

I try so hard to create a happy, boisterous, non-violent home, yet the second I get out of the shower on Sunday morning I see this: Claire ferociously wielding a plastic bat with a powerful "Batter up!!" while Noah cowers on the floor in pretend fear. Seriously, she was hitting him like crazy and he was loving it. Oy, just after I told her "we don't hit people in this house." Do you know how she answered me? "What about outside?" I kid you not. So I had to explain, no, no matter where we are, we don't hit people in this family. :)

Quick trip to the pumpkin patch...

...where Alex was more excited about driving in Daddy's truck than looking at/picking out a pumpkin. He kept asking to go back in the truck. It was not a long trip to the patch. :)
Then a stop at our favorite nursery to look at shade trees (our neighbors are taking out the gorgeous tree that gives us shade in the summer so we wanted to plant our own). We ended up with a Chinese Elm that we bought for $42 (sale price) even though it was not on sale. Funny, since the same woman who gave Noah $18 dollars off his non-sale tree didn't offer me the sale price on my $5 star jasmine two days before. Whatever. :)
The kids think it is so funny when Noah does his crunches and usually lie down next to him to do their own. :)

So there you go, girls, I hope this satiates your desire for a new post for a bit!!

Ooh, actually I just finished a project that I'll be posting here soon...:)

Monday, October 19, 2009

blue rosebuds

I have a thing for rosebud fabric.
Blue, in particular.

My own baby blanket (loved to shreds)? Blue rosebuds.
The backing on the quilt I made for my mom? Blue rosebuds.
The ties on the blue gingham jammies I'm in the process of making for Alex? Blue rosebuds.
The four yards of flannel I bought a few weeks ago, with plans to make matching jammies for my girls? Of course, blue rosebuds.

Here are my big girl's pair:

They really are quite adorable, if I do say so myself.
The top is kimono style, hence the ties (there's also one on the inside), and the bottoms are very simple elastic-waisted.
Super fun and easy to make, super cute on the wearer. :)

fall color

If you would please excuse all the weeds and general unkemptness, I wanted to share a few pictures. :)

I noticed yesterday afternoon that the four trees we planted in the back are all different, vibrant colors right now.

The chinese pistache is orange, the ash is still green, the maple is red and the pawlownia is half-yellow/half-green.

I just thought they looked gorgeous together and can only imagine what they will look like in 5-10 years! He is very unhappy about his sister taking him for a ride...

...and about me taking him out of the wagon for a photo, hehe.
Maybe he's scared of her hugs. Yes, she is hugging him. :)
Seriously, she's so sweet about it, "I just LOVE you Little Buddy!" but she's a tad rough. :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Steven and Brianna: October 10, 2009

My favorite pictures from the day my little brother got married. :)

He spent the ceremony occupied by a prescription bottle (minus the pills) and its lid. :)

He was quite proud of the double-swagged tulle on the fence that he came up with. :)

She went crazy over the bubbles. She went around to all the tables and stashed the extra bottles in her flower girl basket (there were so many they kept spilling out). :)