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I'm a hand-holding, swing-pushing, story-telling Mama with a creative streak and a nurturing spirit. I like growing food and flowers (and people, hehe), sewing clothes and quilts, cooking and eating and running, a long, tight hug and the color yellow. I love date nights at home, spontaneous trips to the bookstore and hearing my babies laugh. I am indecisive, exaggerrative and I overuse parentheses. I am reflective and sentimental and quick to laugh. I think I still picture myself as a 22-year old, yet every year my life gets more fulfilling. I am still figuring out exactly who I am. :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

new pages

Still Sick...

We're all feeling a bit better, meaning we only spend half the day lying on a huge blanket on the floor of the living room, snuggling and watching Baby Signing Time/Care Bears/Whatever Is On PBS.
I consider it a successful day if we've all been fed as much as we can handle, and if our fevers are under control.
Dishes? We're lucky if we have enough clean to use.

So it's been pretty miserable.

But bit by bit, we're getting our strength, appetites, sleep schedule and sense of humor back.

And yesteday I went back to sleep after Noah woke up, and woke up an hour and a half later to this sweet sight. Too bad it was noon, Alex had been sleeping for an hour already, and as a result, didn't get a good nap and was cranky the rest of the day. Grr. What can you do?

My worst complaint at the moment is this horrible hacking cough that kept me awake much of last night, despite the golden opportunity to sleep eight hours in a row (you'll do that again tonight, won't you, Buddy?)
I ended up on the couch, propped up by pillows, since it seems to mildly improve in an upright position.

We even made it out of the house this morning for a quick trip to the craft store, where I picked up a few goodies at their massive sale.
And then right back on the floor we went.

I'm just about done with a new dress for Claire, which while (can I say this about my own work?) is adorable, I fear is a tad too small.
When I tried it on her to figure out where the hem needed to go it kind of got stuck and she cried, "I'm STUCK! I'm STUCK!"
Not really what I was going for (I kind of wanted her to wear it, hehe), but maybe when it's all done we'll find that it's just tight going on and then it's comfy until you have to take it off again.
She can live with that, right? :)

Pictures to come when I finish.

Just for fun I put Little Buddy in the booster seat for lunch, and he looked so big.
But he did fine, no tumbling out, not even an attempt to do so.
When did he get big enough to sit in a freakin' booster seat? :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

checking in from the sick house

I mentioned (I think?) that Noah came home from his tournament Sunday night cranky and sick.
Then, of course, I got sick (not nearly as bad, but still), and then Alexander got sick, and the poor little buddy is having a hard time.

He spent the whole morning like this, a sad little look in his eyes and a fierce aversion to being more than an arm's length from me.
Claire is the only one who has (so far) escaped this massively debilitating flu bug (crossing fingers).

She did, for example, have both the energy and the desire to set up these animals (plus a balloon) on her little bed, with the big blue Care Bear as their teacher, and play school with them. :)
She has also taken to sleeping on the floor amidst her books.
Looks a tad uncomfortable to me.

We've got headaches, body aches fevers, chills, sore throats, etc.
If you're Alex, you're also breathing 45 times a minute (that's a lot, try it) and scaring your mama.
I'll be taking him in tomorrow, unless he makes some miraculous overnight recovery, which I am somehow sincerely doubting.
According to the resident family doctor (aka Noah's dad), he is extra susceptible to pneumonia since he already had it once (and boy, was that a difficult time), so his lungs probably need to be checked out.
Either way, I'm gearing up for a long night.

In other news, I had my 16-week check-up today, and everything looks groovy.
Heartrate: 148, which is on the low end of the normal range, which if you take any stock in old wives' tales means it's a boy.
I'm not saying I do believe old wives' tales, but I have been getting a boy vibe since the beginning.
We don't have to wait long though, because our big ultrasound is scheduled for two weeks from today!
I was surprised because with both of my previous pregnancies we didn't have that special appointment until 20 weeks, but I'll only be 17.5 weeks!
Woot woot, can't come too soon!
Funny, seeing as how not too long ago I was utterly convinced I wanted the gender to be a surprise until this baby popped out (and an easy little pop is what I expect, by the way). :)
Anywho, here's a bird's eye-view of the tummy (I'm very proud of it).

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

well, you have to scrapbook about the homemade goodies, right?

Making Me Smile, Part Two

I've been waiting...and waiting...and waiting for this fabric, and it finally came today!!
All wrapped up in an adorable little bow and looking so pretty I just HAD to take a picture.
I can't tell what this lovely fabric bundle will become, because the gift's recipient reads my blog, but it will be begun TONIGHT!!!
But for now, it will be in a place of honor on my kitchen counter where I can stare at it all afternoon long, and where sticky little toddler hands can't reach it. :)

It is gorgeous, is it not?

Claire, walking around singing "You're my-y, brown-eyed girl. Do you remember when, we used to sing, sha-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-ti-da, wa-ti-da!" (I love that she still doesn't pronounce the l-sound)

Alexander, standing at the fridge and begging for "bih-jee, BIH-JEE!" (aka "big cheese" aka the one food that never fails to make him happy.)

Six-and-a-half hours of sweet sleep in a row last night. :)

Noah, finally starting to feel better after a nasty flu (we've all got it a bit, but not as badly as he)

My current novel, American Wife, by Curtis Sittenfield, loosely based on the life of Laura Bush. A 555 page page-turner. :)

Waking up this morning and actually being able to open the windows (for at least 45 minutes) before it got too hot.

A BIG trip to our favorite local produce stand, Takahashi Farms, and getting $20 and a huge box full of tantalizing strawberries, avocadoes, yams, red potatoes, green beans, etc. Eating good tonight!

The only time of day when we spend extended periods of time outside, aka 7pm and later. Lately, they have wanted to play in the front yard, so we go, and they explore one of my favorite features of our house- our quiet, safe little cul-de-sac.
Right now, he is fascinated by our neighbor's motorhome, and all the parts on it, especially the shiny chrome.
And she likes it too, especially pointing out all the different colors. :)
Also making me smile? The fabulous way in which she dresses herself.

her fourth skirt

Me: Come on, Sweets, it's time for bed.
Claire: Can we look at pictures?
Me: We didn't take any new ones today. (surprise, surprise)
Claire: Can we water the plants?
Me: We already did that today. Twice.
Claire: Can we sew?
Me: Um, OKAY!

I know partially (mostly) she was just stalling, but I couldn't turn her down. Not when this sucker took us just 23 minutes, and she's been begging me for a flower skirt for oh, three days now.

I remember buying this fabric at Jo-Ann when I was pregnant with Claire.
It is the perfect lavendar with teeny tiny yellow flowers.
What could be more lovely?
I've been saving it for I don't know what, but I love it in the skirt, and I'm sure tonight I'll have a matching head scarf to match. :)

And yes, she is wearing it OVER her pajamas.
And yes, she wore it to bed.
And today. :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

crafty fun

Making me happy today :)

~ fifteen weeks into this third pregnancy :)
~ first little flutters of movement!
~ a teeny tiny hint of a tummy

~ shoot, it's kind of hard to tell in the picture, but we're triplets! My scarf, Claire's skirt and Alexander's shorts were all sewed from the same adorable fabric. :)
~ yay for self-timers

~ the aforementioned scarf- my second of the summer

~ snuggling in our "wiving room beds" as Claire calls them. She also makes them- no sharing allowed. One pillow and one blanket for each. :) A few minutes later, both me and Claire's teddy got our own beds. :)

~ Claire asking me if she could see her "birthday quilt" (she walked in on me working on it, and I couldn't lie she so happily asked if it was for her), and covering her mouth with squeals. I think she's going to like it, I just don't know if she can wait until September 2!
~ a sneak peak of the birthday quilt (the black stitches are just for basting (i.e. holding the layers together) and will be removed when it is finished)

~ stitching the last stitch on my second quilt to sell on etsy.
~ this one is hand-quilted which took forever, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. :)

~ it is backed with a light pink flannel that is so snuggly (and made it so HOT to work on!)

~ I'm hoping to get a better picture of the finished product in the evening light. :)

~ A big sister helping (instead of pushing) her little brother down the steps. All this after a joint singing/dancing show that I partially got on film. :)

~ And last but not least, my hard-working coach is coming home tonight after spending the weekend at a tournament and leaving our bed half-full and half-warm. :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

project 365: day 196

It just felt like a grilled cheese and tomato soup day (despite a high of 106 degrees).
And, good news, a new fan of tomato soup has been born.
And another has yet to realize his love for the comfort of a nice warm cup of soup, hehe. :)

getting my scrap on :)

As usual, click if you want to see the image bigger. :)
I sincerely apologize for the ridiculously poor image quality- Alex got hold of my camera last night, and the little monster (hehe) changed the megapixel setting. :(
At least I figured it out on something as unimportant as pictures of my pages, hehe. :)

And don't worry. The Summer of Sewing is still in full swing, with a few big projects just about done and ready to share!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the two funniest things I heard all weekend

1. On Saturday morning, listening to Wait, Wait on NPR whilst in the midst of cooking up a storm of spaghetti sauce, chicken, cookies and bread (hello second trimester! Goodbye food aversions!)...

"...and what do you do for a living in Durham, NC, caller:"

"I own my own software company and sell my handmade bobble-heads on ebay."

HEHE!! Is the juxtaposition of owning a software company and making and selling your own bobbleheads not hilarious?
(I should clarify that I am in no way mocking said caller, because of anyone in this whole wide world, I respect handmade goodies.)

2. "Mama can I have a toodle?"

HA! A toodle! Of course she meant noodle, as in spaghetti that I was boiling for dinner. I don't think I'm ever going to call them "noodles" again. :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

project 365: day 189

Holy schmazole, the universe blessed us with a glorious day today.

Good air quality, mild temps (92 I think?), wispy clouds.

We spent the whole afternoon and evening outside in the shade provided by our neighbor's humongous tree.

Me, lounging on a blanket taking in the sights and sounds of my happy kids playing while reading me book du jour, Belong to Me, by Marisa de los Santos.

Claire, alternately running and jumping on my shoulders, walking around the border, and twirling in circles singing beautiful, random, made-up songs (along with the occasional "Rescue me! I'll take you in my arms, rescue me!" I kid you not).

Alexander, exploring the water system, snuggling next to me, searching the sky for airplanes when he heard them and evading his sister's semi-torturous hugs.

All of us, when Daddy finally got home from work, sharing dinner on our little patch of heaven in our favorite little backyard. :)

project 365: day 188

Embarrassing story:

It started innocently enough, with me deciding to be domestic and making a big meal for dinner and ended with me wrapping my hand around a stainless-steel pan straight from the oven.

It involved five hours of ice, a gimmick of a burn ointment that did nothing but make my hand burn more, and an unintentional exaggeration of the extent of the burn (Noah's dad asked me how much of my hand was burned, I said 35-40 percent at which he freaked out- Noah, by the way, was like, "no way! 50 percent!". In my defense, it is really difficult to tell how much of your hand is actually burned when it is 100 percent red from the ice and 100 percent throbbing in pain).

As it turned out, I woke up this morning to a hand with nothing more than isolated little red burns on my fingers and nary a blister in sight. So I didn't go into to Noah's dad at urgent care (like he thought last night; he even suggested emergency room! Whew! Glad I didn't do that!!), I didn't even need to medicate it or bandage it! Just keep it clean. Ha.

I was hoping for at least a big white bandage on my hand to get me out of dishes and changing diapers, but no. Good as new! :)