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Friday, December 18, 2009


Besides Christmas/baby preparation, what did I spend a good portion of the last two days doing?

Why baking of course!!

150 chocolate chip cookies and 40 brownies for Noah's classes.

I hope they like them!!

Just about ready

With this baby being due so close to Christmas, much of the baby preparations have been put on hold until Christmas was done. Not that Christmas is over or anything, but the gifts have been made/bought/wrapped, etc. Now all that's left is to enjoy these last days/weeks (who knows which) as a family of four.

That reminds me, I need to add "get a picture of the four of us" to my list. :)

Last night I was in complete nesting mode.

I moved my clothes from my dresser into the hall close to make room for the baby's things (oh the sacrifices I make, hehe), washed clothes/wshcloths/blankets, etc. and placed them into baskets, and of course, chose the ever-important coming-home-from-the-hospital outfit.

With Claire, it was easy. She was a summer baby and she wore what I wore home (an adorable little pink rosebud nightgown).

With Alexander, I bought his outfit a few weeks before he was born, and though it was a size too big for his tiny frame, I insisted he wear it. I folded those little sleeves up about three times to make it fit, and his feet certainly did not fill out to the bottom, but gosh darn it, he wore what he was meant to wear. :)

With BGOB-a-lobbers, I was a tad torn. If you ask Noah, this is not a difficult question. You pick something weather-appropriate that fits, and that's that. But then, Noah isn't often as sentimental as I am. :)

The outfit Claire and I wore is far too warm-weather for a January baby. So, I thought, I could layer Alex's outfit underneath it for warmth. Then I couldn't even find the nightgown, oh, maybe I was overthinking this.

Then last night, lo and behold, I found the nightgown!!! So I got busy finalizing the outfit. I wanted each of the four of us to be represented, to symbolize our love for her and her status as not just Noah's and my baby, but our whole family's baby.

And here it is:
The nightgown (worn by Claire and I), layered over a brand-new onesie (from Uncle Steven and Auntie Bri) and one of my favorite of Alexander's pants, along with a pair of Claire's socks, a brand new hat (she has to have a couple things that are just her own, I think), the perfect yellow sweater knitted by Nana, and to keep her warm once she's strapped into the carseat, one of Noah's receiving blankets (made by Inga when she was pregnant with Noah) and Claire's Hundred Good Wishes Quilt (both which also accompanied Alex on his first trip home from the hospital). She'll be covered in love!!

Now I'm working on rearranging the furniture in our room to accomodate a rocking chair (the same one I used to rock both Claire and Alexander to sleep as babies, and also the same one Inga used to rock Noah and Mira to sleep) and the bassinet. :)

The bag is also mostly packed (I'll need to tuck in a few things like the camera, a toothbrush, etc.) and waiting patiently by the bed.

I guess one might say we're pretty close to being ready for this little babe. :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I decided a couple months ago to make Christmas jammies for Claire and Alexander,as well as Nathan and Landon, and I finished the very last pair last night!!

I started with Landon's, the smallest, and worked my way up to Nathan, with the thought that it would get easier because the pieces are bigger and not so difficult to sew. Well, what happened instead is I ran out of fabric, which may not have happened if I had started with the bigger ones. Oh well!! I went to Joann to refill the fabric and it was on sale (55% off!), so it was pretty cheap. Now I know for next time: start with the bigger sizes first.

And since I know none of the recipients will check or even know about this blog, here they are!You'll notice the pink.

My original intent was for them to be completely matching, but Claire, with her infinite love for pink, asked for the pink snowmen. Now I'm a tad concerned she won't want the pink since everyone else has blue, but maybe I'm wrong. Either way, she can't have blue because even with the extra yardage, I still only had just enough. Crossing my fingers she'll love the ones she asked for, hehe.

Now I'm thinking I may go back to Joann for more pink snowmen and make a teeny tiny pair for Miss Lucy. We'll see... :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

still here, still pregnant. :)

Wowzers, it's been a long time since I've checked in. :(

I'm just about done with my very last Christmas gift, but I had to stop to pop in and share pictures of what I made for my girl.

Keep in mind that when I ask her what she would like for Christmas, she always says a pink backpack. Along with things like a pink playground, a pink computer or, today, a pink tractor. Yeah, she's not getting that. :)

I think it's pretty cute if I do say so myself. And I do. :)

I got the free pattern here: http://indietutes.blogspot.com/2009/10/toddler-backpack-pattern.html

It was so easy- two hours, start to finish. And because I was so excited, and because he just happened to wake up about thirty seconds after I snipped the last thread, I tried it on my boy.

Let's just say he'll probably be getting one for his birthday, that's how ridiculously cute he looked.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas is Here/Weekend Update

Saturday felt pretty much like a weekday, owing to the fact that Noah spent all day at school handing out/delivering Christmas trees from his fundraiser.

They were shorted a few trees so of course Noah offered ours to another family.
It was going to be fine, though, we were going to have fun taking the kids to a farm somewhere to pick our own. But then a super nice player's family offered us theirs (for some reason they didn't need the free tree they had earned through their sales)! So nice, we think.

We didn't decorate it on Saturday because after Noah got home we took the kids to the parade. We were late (wait, we were late? That is SO unlike us, hehe), but we still had fun. The very best part was the Clovis High Band and Color Guard (not that we're biassed or anything), and Claire pointing and squealing, "Look, Mama! Flags! Like what you did!" :) And this little boy. Old enough to really love the flashing lights and horses (he calls them cows), but young enough to be very antsy. I think his favorite part was all the "boo-cahs!" (big trucks).Can you tell I'm a huge fan of candid silhouette pictures? And matching coats? :)

Then Sunday morning...
...slept in past the usual 7am (all the way to 8:30!)
...woke up to the scent of pine
...made a pancake breakfast
...while the kids played cars on the kitchen floor at my feet(the boy was there too, but he never stands still enough for a picture, grr)
...I'd say a perfect morning. :)

So now we have a gorgeous, huge (so huge I had to go to Target, poor me, to get a new stand because our other one was too small...also a perfect time to shop for stocking stuffers...), tree in our living room that we four decorated together. :)

Alexander helped Noah take care of the lights and Claire helped me unpack the ornaments (we only had one break).
Of course there was much reminiscing and stories being told about each ornament as it was unpacked. That's a given, right?

For example, Claire's seven or so Baby's First Christmas ornaments (Oma went a little crazy that year, hehe), or the one I gave Noah on our first Christmas together- two embracing snowmen with the line "you make me melt," hehe. or Alexander's Baby's First Christmas ornament that though it is the only one is super special.

We don't have many ornaments (yet), but each one is special, and that's what I love.

Both kids are very into the tree. Alex loves taking lights off and putting them back (with a mischievous smirk) after I scold him, and Claire is partial to both the watering process and the ornaments. In fact, as I type, she is asleep snuggled next to a bag of about ten ornaments (all unbreakable, hehe), that she is apparently saving for people who don't have any ornaments. (We've been talking about the true meaning of Christmas, and how if we have extra of something it is very nice to share it with others who don't.)

We read The Polar Express and The Grinch for the first time, and it took forever because Claire was analyzing each and every picture and asking tons of questions. I'll be honest, it was a tad annoying at first to be interrupted mid-sentence, every sentence, but then I realized that she was so into the story and understanding it that it just made me happy. :) And you can bet your botton dollar, the girl knows the stories inside and out. :)

And now it feels like Christmas. :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BOB: The Maiden Voyage

Super-warm blanket: check.
Snack: check.
Let's roll!
He still wanted to play once we were in the house. :)

I'm still in awe that everyone contributed to this amazing double jogging stroller for me!!
It is so gorgeous to look at, and this morning it went on its first walk.

I think Claire loved riding in a stroller for the first time since Alex was about five months old (before that I always had him in the sling so she could ride in the stroller), and I think both of them loved being right next to each other.
I'm sure they'll start terrorizing each other soon, but for this trip it was all giggles.

Claire, of course, found the side snack pockets in the first thirty seconds, and stashed her bag of crackers. :)

It's amazing how light it is to push, even with 65 pounds of cargo!

I'm hoping to go for a longer walk tomorrow.
That is as long as my uterus isn't in permanent half-contraction as it has been all day today, hehe.
No early babies!!
Although it does make us feel good that in just a few days I'll be as far along as I was when Alexander was born. :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm still on cloud nine

I got my first etsy sale!!!

I finally listed some washcloths and in a few hours they had sold!!
I logged in to my account to show Noah my listing, just to have a fresh pair of eyes make sure I didn't miss any pertinent information, and all I saw were my two quilts.
It didn't take long for it to register...someone had bought my washcloths!!

So I packed them up all pretty, tag and ribbon and all, and stuck in a handwritten thank you note and a couple of seasonal washcloths (snowmen flannel on one side, chenille on the other) as an extra thank you, and it'll be sent first thing in the morning!!

I sold the six washcloths for $10, and as far as I'm concerned, it's pure profit considering how long ago I bought that fabric. :)

Last night I dreamt of washcloths and different ideas.
I'm thinking washcloth/burp pad bundles, but I have to get to Joann as I've run out of chenille.


Here are the photos I listed. I think I'm getting better at it maybe.

I was so excited, and Noah was so proud too. Ooh, this is fun! I hope she likes them!!

In retrospect, it was all my fault

What, oh what possessed me to dress up the kidlets (after neither of them napped for more than 45 minutes), with the intention of getting some super awesome shots with the fall leaves as a background???

Claire was all for it in the house, telling me she wanted to be fancy-fancy. Not just fancy. Fancy-fancy. But then we get outside, and she's either crying (over an airplane!! Since when has she been afraid of airplanes??) or sullen or fake-smiling.

Alexander, to give him a little credit, was NEVER on board with the whole dressing-up debacle, even though I didn't torture him with a tuxedo jacket and bowtie as was my original intention. :)
Boy do the pictures show his enthusiasm, hehe.

I tried, I really tried.

I brought chairs out.
I took them for wagon rides (through muddy grass, while wearing my favoite pink pajama pants, might I add) in between picture-taking.
I tickled.
I made silly noises.
I begged.
I pointed out that I gave them (very small) pieces of carrot cake after their (non-existent) naps.
I offered to let them into Daddy's truck (a new favorite play-place) after we were done.
I even brought Noah out to help.

Nothing worked.

256 pictures later, I do have a couple I like, some I might share with the grandparents, and a few that make me laugh out loud.

I guess I consider that a success. :)

So here are the keepers.
Most of them might never be seen by anyone but those lucky enough (hehe) to be reading this blog.
But there is one, and only one, that makes me sentimental.
And I suspect it will even more years from now.

By the way, I realize that probably nobody, with the exception of my mom, maybe, sees anything different in any of these pictures. Only mamas pick apart photos of their kids. :)

Ah, the scary airplane. :)
Would be cute, if Alex didn't look as though his sister was trying to strangle him.

I cannot believe how long her hair is.
Again with the torturing sister.
Thrilled to be in the wagon, hehe.

Come on, kids, focus, focus.
Well, we got one smiling.
"Uh, Mama, what's she doing?"
"Claire, stop!!"
Oh, there's the other one!

Taking center stage
Almost there......so close...Perfect.
Love. I love it. :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

uploading random photos...

Doesn't she look just completely thrilled to be modeling her new baby sister's brand new kimono? :)
Don't worry, Sweets, you'll still get lots of thing sewn for you (that pink backpack you've been asking for is in the works...)
It is hard to tell how small this is, but it is teeny!! Just perfect for a newborn. And cozy flannel too. I think I might bring it to the hospital with me so she can wear it there!! :)
And just because I think it's cute how every Thursday they run to the front window when they hear the garbage-truck:
...hmm, the fog is obstructing the view of the lovely trash truck, but believe me, it's there. Along with Alex's bed-head. :)