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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


...somebody had an unfortunate, though adorable, run-in with a pink marker while "taking a nap" in her Uncle Nathan's room. Nana heard a noise in the room, opened the door and Claire just handed her the marker. We wonder if she would have gone to the walls if Nana hadn't gone in sooner?

And somebody else is a cutie-bootie daddy reading to two cutie-bootie little kiddies!

Happy Birthday Alexander!

I know it's not the best photo, and it isn't even from today, but for some reason I love it!

Happy 8 months of loving you to pieces buddy!

Monday, September 29, 2008

I love the prices at Winco, but...

I wasn't thrilled today when I unloaded my random 10 groceries (bulk whole wheat flour, taco sauce, canned chicken, lettuce, cocoa, etc.) and the very nice checker said that their ATM was down.

I should have known it would be a bust of a shopping trip when one of the few reasons I even go to Winco (chocolate soy milk) was not in stock.

"Oh, that's ok," I said, I'll just go to the next aisle.

"Um, all of them are down. You can pay with cash or a check if you want."

Ooops. I gotta remember to bring my checkbook with me.

So I went and put back every item and went to Costco, without all of my essential purchases. Now I have to go to Savemart or somewhere else more expensive than Winco, unload the kids, clean the shopping cart and find my items another day this week. Bummer. Especially because I was so proud of myself for having stuck to my list and not strayed into the ice cream freezer or magazine section!

It wasn't that bad actually. Except that I really want some brownies but I can't have them because I have no cocoa. :(

Extremely Highly Recommended

Seriously. Give it a try. I promise you won't be dissapointed.

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Little Scooter

So now he's crawling!!!!

Well, actually, it's more of a scoot, arms pretty much unnecessary, but the kid can move!

If we put something he wants in front of him, just out of reach, he will grunt and focus on that object and pump those legs until he moves forward.

Way cute!

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Big Day for Alexander!!!

Yesterday, Alexander reached not one, not two, but three milestones!!!

1. He got his third tooth, on the top and to the left of the middle!
2. He got up (fully) on his hands and knees!
3. He sat up by himself!!! All it took was something interesting- a dinosaur that plays music? Sure! That'll work!

Claire playing with her princess lamp. She likes to put her hand on the princesses as they "dance" around while the music plays. I bet she's wondering how they do that.

I told you his winter monkey hat is cute. I swear I didn't pose him like that. Every time I look at that picture it makes me smile!

Thank you Auntie Sarah and Uncle Isaac for our Puerto Vallarta t-shirts!!!

Looking very much forward to a relaxing weekend, some yard work and house work, and a possible foray into the Fresno Unitarian/Universalist Church.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ten on tuesday!!!

A day late. Once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator. :)

1. No action on the potty today. She outright refused. "Claire, do you need to go tickle or boo-boos on the potty?" "No!" she says, fast and sassily, and with a quick shake of her head. We'll try again tomorrow!

2. Sometimes I think to myself, "hmm, maybe Alexander isn't sitting yet because I never practice with him. He's always either being held or playing and rolling on the floor." So lately I've been "practicing" with him, sitting him up and letting him learn to balance by barely gripping my fingers, until it's just too much for him and he slowly but irrevocably falls over. He can't quite sit up straight, but he does pretty well with balance as long as he is "flexible-sitting," a.k.a. leaning over like he is stretching for his toes while also playing with toys. Hehe, we'll work on that.

3. I don't know why I taught Claire the word "booger." I really don't. She chooses wonderfully embarrassing moments to remind me. Like last week when I was trying to get Claire into the shopping cart seat at Costco (while holding Alex in the other hand), and a nice old lady asked if I needed help. I said "no thank you, but thanks for asking!" and I was trying to exude genuine gratitude (which I was feeling even though I was struggling with the kiddies) when Claire picks her nose and proudly declares "Booger!" I wanted to slip into the sidewalk cracks. Luckily the nice lady just smiled, though she was probably thinking "my, how ladylike!" (Not.)

4. Little Buddy is enjoying his solids more- like he'll actually open his mouth in eager anticipation of a spoonful of yummy sweet potatoes. Still thinks rice cereal is a tad bland though. I don't blame him.

5. "Nay-nan coo-bus!" (translation: Nathan school bus!") - every time we see a bus. (She remembers when we walked him to the bus stop.)

6. Alex's hair is getting longer, faux-hawk style, though I still haven't decided if it is blond or reddish. Time will tell.

7. Claire can count to five, kind of: "four, two, three, four, five!" and only if you count with her.

8. Time to leave the dangly earrings in the jewelry box- Alex will grab and PULL, and, well, that's not so much fun.

9. I put the princess lamp from Nana and Grampa back in Claire's room (I decided she is now old enough to not pull it down by it's cord; so far so good), and every night, after we put her to bed, we will hear her turn it on. Sometimes it's like an hour or two after she went to bed, so it's like it comes out of nowhere, these princess voices and music as they dance around the lamp. One time she turned it on and forgot to turn it off, and when I went to check on her before I went to bed, I saw the light shining under the door. When I walked into her room it was as light as day, yet she was sound asleep.

10. Sometimes Alex does these things that are a lot like what Claire used to do, only they have this boyish twist. Like the other night when I was putting him to sleep, rocking in the rocking chair and feeding him, and he was making these hand motions around his face. You may remember Claire used to do that as a small babe- very expressive and graceful in her movements. Not Alex. His movements are choppy and rough, and sometimes he'll accidentally hit himself in the face because he is so uncoordinated (and tired). Don't worry, it doesn't hurt him, unless he's holding a toy (which he's done before, oops), in which case I usually take it away as an effective preventive measure.

Got back from the first home game of the season, and though the Cougars lost to Noah's alma mater, the Buchanan Aqua Bears (hehe, that's what they call them!) 19-5, Noah was pretty pleased with the way they played. And the kids were SO easy, surprisingly. Claire was enthralled with watching the players (especially when about 40 boys jumped in a tiny section of the pool to warm up for their game. She stared and stared, probably wondering, like me, how they were all swimming so fast and not bumping into each other.), and Alex was fairly content being passed from Mama to Auntie Mira to Opa and back again. He did fall asleep towards the end. Not long after that a wayward ball smacked Claire in the head (not too hard, luckily), and she wanted me and only me to hold her, so I've got a kidlet in each arm, and I was lovin' it. Just waiting for Noah to get home; he had to stay to man the clock.

p.s. I was flipped off in the car today on my way to Costco. Who knows why, though I'm guessing my Obama sticker (Clovis is VERY conservative), because I was driving very safe and conscientiously. This woman in a beemer got really close to my back bumper, then swerved into the other lane, gunned it, passed by me staring and giving me the bird, then nearly clipped my bumper as she got back into my lane. That was what Noah was afraid of, that Blue bumper sticker in this Red town. I wonder if that made the woman feel better? I mean she was seething, mouthing things (well I couldn't hear anything, though she may have been screaming in her car) etc. I just wish there was more dialogue, people discussing their differing opinions instead of just hating the other side. Anyways, I'm proud of my sticker, and I will continue to sport it with pride and respect (even in Obama doesn't win in November).

Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

* Oh Happy First Day Of Fall! Cooler temps, wearing pants, open windows, fresh air in the house, pumpkin pie, crisp apples, crock pot dinners, snuggling under covers to keep warm, I LOVE fall/winter!!! We are entering a bit of a warm-up here (no triple digits in sight though, luckily) but I know it is going to get real cool real fast, and I say Welcome, Fall! I've been waiting for you!!!

* Oh Happy Potty Training Day! I bit the bullet and put her training undies on, because I figured if I don't do it, nobody will, and if I can get her out of diapers, we're going to save some serious money. On the very bright side, she did really well in the morning, and when I put her on the potty around 11 or so, she went tinkle, just like I asked. I showed her the routine: we wipe, then empty out the little potty into the big potty, flush the toilet and wash our hands. Things were looking bright...until after her nap. I had put her into a diaper (sidenote: Noah picked up some diapers for me for Claire yesterday, as she had one left and it was the emergency one in the diaper bag. So of course he buys the CHEAPEST and THINNEST diapers I've ever seen in my life. And they're huge on Claire. And yes, I think this contributed to the forthcoming anecdote.) for her nap because, hello, we're only beginning to potty train. After her nap I kept the diaper on for a tad intending to put back on her undies very soon, when she told me, "Mama, boo-boo di-dy," and (major TMI if you wish to stop reading), there it was, dripping down her leg like mud. She has been eating pounds of blueberries and raisins, so it was runny and plentiful, though (bonus) odorless. Luckily she was in the dining room and not on the three-year-old berber carpet, so it was fairly easy to clean up. It did, however take about 25 wipes to finish the job. Seriously. So we made some progress and stumbled onto some very normal (I think?) potty training obstacles. Keep on trying tomorrow!

Here she is in her panties, standing on her alphabet puzzle that we put together this morning, while belting about 15 renditions of the Alphabet Song.

* Oh Happy Meat Day! Yep, he had his first meat- turkey dinner, in case you were wondering- and he snarfed it down. I knew he would love it. I think he had more babyfood today than he has ever had in a single 24-hour period. Now the really smelly boo-boos begin- the meat does that. Man, I miss those breastmilk boo-boos that almost smell sweet (I know that sounds weird, but they don't smell bad AT ALL. You can literally toss the diapers right in any trash can in your house and days later it still won't smell. Wow, this is a really Too-Much-Information post) Love this baby. He's starting to make actualy syllables, like "na" and "ma" both of which I heard today! They came out like "nananananananana" and "mamamamamamamamamama" muffled by the sound of his fist in his mouth (pretty sure he's teething again), and through a big grin like he was so proud of himself for making these sounds. It's pretty freaking cute if you want my completely unbiassed opinion.

This is how he loves to play- I put him on the floor and surround him with toys and he rolls to/through them to find one that looks like fun. This is a very sanitized photo. You should see the room right before bed when we sing the clean-up song- not a square inch of carpet to be seen!

* Oh Happy Dancing With The Stars Premiere night! I watched it while I was running, and though Noah made fun of it (big surprise) I love it! I love Lacey! She is so different from all the other dancers and looks EXACTLY like I remember Laurie. I'm predicting at least a top-two finish for her and Lance.

Just a Thought

Besides the ones I already posted a few weeks back, here are a few more of my fave shots by Ken. LOVE the faces! (Click each to see bigger)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

For the first time since May...

...the air conditioner was not turned on ONE SINGLE TIME today!!

Hooray for fall!!!

I actually wore pants today, not becuase it was cold but because it wasn't too hot. :)

Me and the kiddies spent an hour outside this morning (it would have been more like three hours, at least that was my goal, but Mr. Thang did not like playing on a sheet on the grass, surrounded by 13 of his most favorite toys. Why, you ask? You got me.), me using my little hand rake to move lots 'o rocks from the front planter into big piles to transfer to the backyard at a more convenient date (tomorrow), Claire using my little shovel to fling dirt, er, help me, and Alexander rolling around on the sheet and taking his hat off and on, on and off.

I don't like those rocks. I know they serve the intended purpose of keeping weeds out, but guess what folks, they don't, and they look ugly (in my humble opinion; I prefer greenery), to boot. So off they go, banished to the catch-all side of the house which will eventually be cemented (maybe). Whoever put those rocks in (20 years ago when the house was first built, maybe?) did a very thorough job, because they are DEEP in the ground, and pretty well lodged in. Nothing my handy dandy hand-held rake can't handle, though.

I also finally got my plumbago (plant with adorable, tiny blue flowers) in the ground, and cleared a spot for the pyracantha that will go beneath Claire's window (that's tomorrow).

Looking forward to getting some serious work done outside with the cooler temperatures. I have TONS to do.

We went to our first "friend" birthday party tonight, for Sam Allen, the son of Willow, the daughter of Jim Reed, who was one of Jim and Inga's first friends when they moved into their first house in Fresno in the alte 70s. Jim and Jim (hehe) are still really good friends. Willow and I met a few times last year at the park/zoo, but we kind of fell out of sync. Now I remember why I like her so much! She's so friendly and we had a lot of fun talking at the party. I hope we see each other soon! Sam and Claire are 13 days apart in age.

The party was at a place called Bounce U- one giant room of different bounce houses, meant for all ages. It was hilarious watching the parents in the boxing ring and going down the kiddie slide in suits and dresses and socks (everyone has to wear socks). I didn't go on anything because I had Alex, but next time we go (yes, I want to go back!), I will be going in.

Claire was shy at first, but when she didcovered the independence of climbing up the stairs to the slide and going down all by herself, there was no tearing her away. Seriously; she cried when it was time to leave. I got some video with my camera, and I'm going to try to figure out how to post it so you can see how cute and fearless (eek!) she was!

And everybody was squeezing Alex's legs and making fun of his faux-hawk (in good humor), and more than one person told me he looked like a man in a baby's body. ANd then he would smile and they loved it!!!

Ooops, gotta go, Alex is crying, no time to proofread!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ten, er, Fourteen on Tuesday!!!

1. Yep, this little Chickadee went tinkle on the potty (first time)!!! I guess it's time to pull out those adorable training undies from nana...maybe tomorrow.

2. Hey there, cutie-bootie-boy!
He is very into this toy now, and while he can't get all of them to pop up, he loves to push them down. I put him on the floor with this and with lots of legos and blocks and various other noise-making, sing-songy toys and he goes from one to the next, rolling over/through the pile to get to what he wants. Until he hits the couch or the bookcase or the desk or...the cords!!! Gotta keep him away from those. It reminds me of when Claire was this age and we had to close her in with the Claire-barrier (i.e., the couch, slanted at an angle to close off any route to the cords and cables emanating from the computer). This little buddy has like 5 times (literally) the roaming room! LOVE those big eyes.

3. Piggy-back rides! She'll climb on your back if you are sitting on the floor and hold on tight, ready to roll. That's what she says too, "ready to ROLL!"

4. A little father-daughter wii bowling bonding while Mama puts Alex to bed. She's a natural...

...much to his supreme enjoyment!

5. Block towers with cwazy Auntie-Laura

6. the girl loves to wear her brothers hats, even when it is 100 degrees outside. On the bright side, many of them are stretched enough to fit him again, hehe.

7. Cuteness!

8. More cuteness! I love the surprised/confused/annoyed look on Alexander's face!

9. Notice a couple pictures above, Alex was wearing these pants (size 12 months). Well, after I took them off him because I thought they looked too hot, Claire decided she wanted to be a fashionista and create a new look- capris, for the fashion-forward toddler. A poor little Oliver Twist, especially with that hat. Actually, it looked pretty cute.

10. Mother-Daughter self-portrait

11. The girl loves this stroller. She mostly pushes dolls and teddies around, but I'll often see her tucking in books, cups, blocks, hats, or balls and then taking them for rides all over. Today she was running with the stroller and saying "I go FAST!" and then cracking up. By the way, correct pronoun usage is an extremely recent (as in a couple of days) phenomenon. You know, as opposed to always saying "Claire this" and "Mama that" instead of "I this" and "You that." Pretty cool.

12. It's hard to tell, but those are her two index fingers she's holding up; her way of showing you how old she is. I'm going to be a little sad when she starts holding up her index and middle finger instead. :(

13. How cute is that!!!

14. And just because it's funny!

Monday, September 15, 2008


It seems like it's been awhile, but it's only been five days? Whaaa? Seems like a lot longer. Probably because I am constantly thinking to myself, "I've gotta blog about that" and then I forget. So let's get started!

* Me and the kiddies went to play in the backyard last week. Claire's shoes were still outside from our last time playing outside, so we were sitting on the step putting on her shoes, when something caught my eye in one of them. It was a tiny leaf. I flipped over the shoe and smacked it on the ground to make sure nothing else was in there, and out crawled a MASSIVE black widow!!! What is with this place and black widows? Go away already. I don't like you. You scare me. The thought of Her little foot going in that shoe with that poisonous arachnid makes my skin crawl.

* Alex and Claire got their first in a series of two flu shots today. Other than being a little cranky and sleeping more than normal, they don't seem too affected by it, luckily.

* Noah had his last away tournament last weekend (thanks Laura for staying with me!), booyah! Not another over-nighter until at least next summer, maybe even next fall!

* Laura was visiting from San Diego and she came to stay with me so I wouldn't be all alone, and bless her, she couldn't have come at a better time. On Saturday I got sick (literally, in the sink) and she played with Claire and Alex while I slept much of the day away. What would I have done had I been alone? I would have been miserable.

* From my bed, wallowing in stomach yuckiness, I hear Claire and Auntie Laura building lego towers and knocking them over, and them jubilantly declaring in unison, "oh no!" I want to remember that always!

* The inevitability of fall is becoming realer and realer (is realer a word? I don't think so, but just as "funner" SHOULD be a word, so should "realer". So I'm using it, hehe.) as I check weather.com's 10-day forecast for Clovis and see 86 as the high for Thursday!!!!! And after tomorrow, not a temperature above 91 to be seen! Double booyah!

* I got a freaking adorable monkey hat (way cuter than it sounds, believe me) for Alexander today at Target (pictures to come soon!), along with some other things I didn't know I needed until I saw them, hehe.

* So Claire and I are watching and playing along with a Little Leaps a.k.a. "yoo-yoo" (Lulu) counting game when Claire surprises me by saying "two, three, four!" a half-second before the game. What???? Was that a fluke? Nope. She did it again today. Man that girl surprises me daily.

* Alexander no longer needs towels to pad him into his highchair. He can hold himself up now. We've been practicing (seriously). We're still working on that sitting -up-without-back-support thing though!

Be back soon with some pictures!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

just a quickie...

to remember what my children are doing today:

Claire- she'll tell you "I fall in sho-wer" in a small and sympathetic voice, when you ask her what happended to her leg. It's a pretty nasty bruise that covers the side of her thigh and travels up her hip to her tummy. She was taking a shower with me one morning last week when she leaned on the door, which opened, and she fell on the hard metal frame. She cried, but not a whole lot, so I didn't think it was too massive an injury. When I changed her diaper later than afternoon, black and blue on her body mocked me and chastised me for not watching her better. She is, however, not afraid to go back in the shower, and I keep her in between me and the wall now. Not taking any more chances.

Alexander- trying so hard to lift up on his knees when he's on his tummy! He's so close, and then next, after the rocking back and forth...crawling! Eeeek! He loves to hold toys in his chubby little hands and explore them, and put them in his mouth (of course). He laughs at Claire if she's dancing or making funny noises or singing, and my favorite thing is when I can get them both laughing at me. It's my wildest dream come true- to have happy children.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's been a little while

Yeah, I've been caught up in politics, water polo drama and keeping up with two energetic little kiddies. But here I am.

Politics: I've been glued to our tv at night, which would normally be highly unusual except for the fact that I'm so into this presidential election and have been watching convention coverage. So much is at stake, so much good can be done, and I want to be educated about everything!

Water Polo Drama: To make a long story short, three of Noah's four seniors (who shall remain nameless) quit the team, and while it may seem like a bad thing, I am thrilled. Practices have been going much better as far as team morale and commitment, and instead of a tired and stressed husband coming home at the end of a long day, I get a hopeful and encouraged husband.

Claire had her two-year well-child visit yesterday.

The stats:

29 1/2 pounds (80th percentile)
34 1/2 inches (70th percentile)

So while she is still on the higher end in both the height and weight categories, she is slowly trickling toward average. Far cry from the baby who was off the charts (literally, by like a centimeter, and those are pretty small arcs) in both height and weight! She got three vaccinations, and will only have to have one more before her kindergarten physical (not thinking about the k-word, not thinking about the k-word...), yippee! Actually she is a pretty calm shot-getter. The room where she had her shots was too small to fit Alex (in the stroller) through the doorway, and the nurse wanted to close the door (and leave Alex outside) so the other patients wouldn't be "disturbed" (her word) by Claire. I was like, "oh no, lady" (not my actual words) and we left it open. Like I'm going to leave Alex in some random waiting room alone?! I'm thinking no. p.s. Claire barely made a peep at all- just a tiny whimper and a sad look.

So we (Dr. Chang and I) were discussing Claire's overnight sleep transformation in which she is getting HOURS less sleep than she used to, and it came up that Alexander still is up at least 2-3 times a night. Dr. Chang said that by his age (and weight, hehe) he is able to go for much longer stretches than three hours without eating. He said it is probably purely habitual; "oh, I'm awake, mama made me feel better last night, that was nice, I'm going to cry so she comes in and does that again" type of thing. He suggested letting him try to put himself back to sleep so he gets used to that. It's funny because during the day he always puts himeself to sleep- I never put him in bed already asleep. It's just harder for me at night because it's a lot quieter and I don't want him waking up Claire or Noah (or heaven, forbid, the neighbor next door whose window is right next to Alex's). I think I'll try the Ferber method, which suggests gradually increasing the time it takes you to respond to his cries until it's completely phased out and a non-issue because he has figured out how to comfort himself. This wouldn't be a problem if Claire wasn't waking up at 6am every morning, you know? But it will be nice to get more sleep. Crossing fingers!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dear Claire

Birthday pudding-pie!

From mama and daddy- a set of wooden letter and number blocks that you lined up in rows and built up in towers!

Dear Claire,

Happy birthday, two-year-old! I want to remember you just as you are right now, wearing a frilly pink tutu, no shirt, and playing "yoo-yoo" (Lulu), your favorite Little Leaps game with Lulu the spider. Dancing to the music, repeating your favorite parts of the game ("ready to roll!"), pointing to things you know, like Bike, Star and Train. You speak mostly in two-word sentences ("beee Mama," "more wah-wer?" "right here"), but there is the occasional three-word sentence ("uh-oh baby roll!") and there was that one four-word sentence ("mama, out of bed"):). You go to bed at 7:30pm and wake up between 6 and 7 am, usually with a blanket wrapped around your shoulders and shoes on your feet. You prefer to have your sandals unstrapped when you walk. You can get around just as easily in my flip-flops as you can in your own tennis shoes. You love cheese, bread with butter, yogurt, and any fruit (you eat those plums and pluots right down to the pits!). You love to play hide-and-seek, and every single time you hide in the play house in your room from Auntie Sarah. You adore your little brother (most of the time), and often ask me to hold him. You play with him in the car, showing him how to pull down the toy elephant, and comforting him when he cries (you also tend to pull his canopy down so the sun beats in on him). You have long been out of your high-chair and have recently refused your booster seat as well. You haven't used a sippy cup in almost a year, and though you spill sometimes, you've got pretty good control of a cup. You take a two-hour nap in the middle of the day. You ask me all the time to call Nana and Oma on the phone, and you gab away to them when we do! You say "uh-oh!" when you spill, and clean the mess up with a rag that you got out of the drawer yourself (I didn't even teach you that). You make your Daddy and I so happy and proud of you every single day! We love you so much Angel Girl!

Mama and Daddy

Two Years Old

I kept saying to Noah last night, "at this time last year..." reminiscing about the day Claire came into this earthly world. He kept having to remind me, "you mean at this time two years ago?" In some ways, I can picture that day with such vivid clarity that I am shocked it didn't happen yesterday, but in other ways, two years seems an awfully short time for so much in my life to have changed. Indeed, if I were to pick a single day that changed my life forever, it would be the day Claire was born. My life would never be the same again; I would never be the same.

And while I keep telling myself that if I mourn her babyhood every time she does something new or every time she turns a year older, I will spend a lot of time yearning for the past and not enjoying the present, I can't help it. For on this day, I become the mama of a two-year-old, certainly not a baby, and almost a little kid.

Sometimes I look at her and I think, when did you get so big and un-babylike?

And other times, I look at her and still see the baby she once was.

Thank you Lord, for blessing me with this sweet, beautiful, stubborn, happy, loving little girl.

Monday, September 1, 2008

"Labor" Day

Eating the "I'm seven months old!" sign. Notice the curled toes on his right foot. He always does that, and it totally reminds me of a monkey trying to grab onto a tree branch or something like that.

First time in the sandbox from Oma and Opa! She was a tad confused at first as to what one does in a sandbox, but once Daddy showed her how to build up mounds and then crush them, she was cracking up and being Claire-zilla.

She just decided to pick up the paper one morning. A moment forever immortalized on print, serving as a reminder of Claire's size at the time of the Beijing Olympics. Someday she'll thank me. :)

First day of school picture! You have to do them for teachers too, of course! Although something tells me that the only thing that will change from year to year is the physical features of the person underneath, not the outfit itself, as he only owns one pair of nice pants and three (one of which he refuses to wear because it is too girly. Yes, I bought it for him.) dress shirts.

Our awesome treadmill! Love love LOVE it!!! Ysterday I ran three and a half miles and burned 550 calories! Almost enough to discount my turkey cobb sandwich, french fries and part of a birthday pizookie from BJ's (not).

I was able to sleep in today, because, as I rationalized to Noah, I labored to bring our two babies into this world, and it is Labor Day. :) It worked. :) Those extra two hours were glorious.

p.s. This time two years ago I was in active labor with my Claire Bear-licious.